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Confession: Nick Jonas brings back feelings I thought I suppressed years ago

The Jonas Brothers (or, one in particular) have come back into my life, and I’m not sure how to feel about it.

When I first heard of the JoBros, I was 19. I was well into my first year of college, and I thought I was hot shit (as every 19-year-old feels) — but only when it came to music. I was listening to emo indie rock, with Missy Elliott strategically interspersed into my playlist. And, I was very particular about what I uploaded onto my lime-green iPod mini.

So when a friend brought up the band Jonas Brothers and invited me to watch a charity softball game with her and a few other JoBros fanatics because she was “OMG, so obsessed and absolutely couldn’t pass up the chance to watch Jonas Brothers,” I scoffed. “Thanks, but no thanks. There’s no way I would ever be seen at a Jonas Brothers event.”

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A few days later, I found myself in the stands of one of the local stadiums. The screams were deafening. I couldn’t hear what JohnJay and Rich had to say. I was sweating bullets because it was Phoenix, during a month that wasn’t January, February or March. Needless to say, it was miserable, but I figured, “What the hell, just enjoy it. Go get a hot dog or something.”

So we watched these young guys play the least exciting game of softball. I made a comment about Kevin Jonas’ fabulously curly hair. I felt ashamed when I thought for just a second that Joe Jonas was “pretty cute, right?” As for Nick Jonas, he was too young. There was no way I would find a kid that young anything but “adorable.”

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I left deaf in one ear (not really, though I still haven’t forgiven that 10-year-old sitting next to me). But that wasn’t the end of my Jonas Brothers experience. No sirree.

The girls just had to play Jonas Brothers in the car — all the way home. We listened to “Burnin’ Up.” We listened to it about five more times. On the sixth go-round, I was hooked. I eyed the CD case sitting on floor and casually asked her if I could borrow the album “just to see if they have any other songs on there I could get into.” I added the entire Jonas Brothers discography to my iTunes. I never returned the CD. I listened to it on my way to every class. It felt like such a shameful period; and after 12 days, I told myself: Mo more. Cut it off. You had your moment of weakness.

I was JoBros clean for seven years.

And then today happened.

I watched Nick Jonas’ performance on Seth Meyers. I watched it twice. I then Googled Joe Jonas and whoa, has anyone seen him lately? Holy mack. And Kevin Jonas, keep those curls curly, my man.

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I may or may not spend the entire afternoon secretly YouTubing Jonas Brothers videos at a volume just loud enough for me to know what song I’m listening to. And hey, I may add a song or two into my recent Spotify playlist. But I think I’m stronger than that.

Anyway, BRB, need to finish scrolling through Nick Jonas’ Instagram account.

Now watch Nick Jonas, and you’ll understand why this happened:

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