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Mandy Moore has a new recurring role playing a doctor’s ex-fiancée

Mandy Moore will be recurring on the first season of Fox’s new medical drama Red Band Society, and her role sounds like it’s going to be a juicy one.

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Moore is set to play Dr. Erin Grace, who is chief of staff at Ocean Park Hospital. Sounds pretty tame, right? That is until you know that it’s the same hospital that also happens to employ her ex-fiancé Dr. McAndrew, played by Dave Annable.

See? We told you it would be juicy.

“We’re branching out to tell a soap on top of the patients with the hospital staff and we’re adding new people,” executive producer Rina Mimoun told The Hollywood Reporter about Moore’s guest role on the new series. She added that Moore’s character will help add some drama to the show. “We focus on patients, but we’re building out the adult story lines so we’re following their stories as well.”

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Depending on how things go between Dr. Grace and Dr. McAndrew, Moore could end up breaking our hearts. If that happens, it wouldn’t be the first time she came to a medical drama only to end up causing heartache. Who can forget Moore’s performance on Grey’s Anatomy when she played the ill-fated Mary Portman? If her story didn’t bring you to tears then you are made of strong stuff indeed.

Recently, Moore has been doing a lot of voice work on shows such as Sheriff Callie’s Wild West. Taking on this part in Red Band Society will be a big change and we’re looking forward to seeing her in a more serious role, especially if it brings more drama to the series. Who doesn’t like a little drama, right?

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Red Band Society premieres on Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 9/8c on Fox.

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