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Miley Cyrus naked ah-gain: 5 Times we needed her to get dressed

Pay attention, parents — Miley Cyrus continues to exemplify the result of lazy parenting. You end up with a self-indulgent narcissist who does what she wants, when she wants, with little to no regard for anyone else. In Cyrus’ case, her lack of regard extends to the general public. On Sept. 11, the 13th anniversary of one of the saddest days of our nation, Cyrus posed nude in the shower. We are without words. Here are five times we really, really, really needed Cyrus to put her f***ing clothes back on.

Come on, Instagram. Cyrus‘ ongoing, attention-getting, “Look at me! Look at me!” campaign has gone too far. With no regard for the country’s somber, melancholy heart every year when Sept. 11 rolls around, Cyrus posted a picture of her naked showering ass. If there ever was a time when Cyrus so clearly demonstrated just how incredibly clueless and detached from reality she is, we can’t think of it.

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Nip accessories are not a top. We’ll say it — since Cyrus’ parents never did. They’ve also never told her that she doesn’t look good enough naked to cram her nude body down our throats repeatedly. We’re not here to body shame — she looks OK — but she looks better with clothes on. That’s true of most people — most of us look better with our clothes on, but Cyrus seems to think (if her social media accounts are any indication) that she looks amazing nude.

Please note Cyrus’ explanation of her splotchy skin. “btw I don’t have some weird rash. I got pink glitter rubbed all over me on the party bus. #RAVE.” BTW, your weird rash is not what is wrong with this picture. #getdressed

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Who can forget when Cyrus climbed atop a horse statue — topless, of course — for her “Adore You” remix, proving to the world she had no idea what sexy means.

Miley Cyrus nude on a horse

We also really, really, really needed Cyrus to get dressed when she wrecked our day/month/year/life with her “Wrecking Ball” video. Great song, but we were not impressed with the over-the-top, flagrant and manipulative use of nudity in the video.

Miley Cyrus wrecking ball

Photo credit via Miley Cyrus Vevo

The only thing we need to drop off the face of the planet faster than Cyrus’ nipples is her tongue. If they could both just pack their bags and depart for destinations unknown for, say, ever — the world would be a better place.

Miley Cyrus nipples

Photo credit via Miley Cyrus’ official Twitter

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