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10 Things you didn’t know about J.J. Totah

Don’t know who J.J. Totah is? You will soon. The teenage entertainer is hilarious and seriously beyond his years. This brilliant little guy hasn’t become a household name yet, but it’s sure looking like he’s poised to take over the world.

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1. He’s already got an impressive résumé

At 13, this wunderkind has already had spots on some pretty adult shows and he’s proven his chops are strong enough to keep up with his adult peers. What’s so impressive is his lack of fear and total confidence. He’s not intimidated by proven stars like Benedict Cumberbatch, whom Totah recently interviewed and totally overshadowed.

2. He’s a rock star at stand-up comedy

Any professional comic will tell you that taking the stage is nerve-wracking for even the most seasoned of stand-up performers. The mic stand is quite a bit taller than Totah, but he doesn’t balk at the pressure of performing for even an iota of a second. He does hilarious impersonations, owns the stage and is clearly not parroting a memorized timed-out set. The kid interacts with the audience like a pro.

Video credit: JJ Totah

3. He’s got an impressive social media following that continues to grow

With 51,853 Instagram followers, 7,138 loyal twitterers and 827 YouTube subscribers, the kid is no slouch. However, those numbers will undoubtedly be multiplying as time goes on.

4. He’s still just a kid

Totah is obviously an entertaining genius, but his social media accounts show that he’s also just a young teen looking to have fun with his friends.

5. He started entertaining super early

According to IMDb, Totah started making YouTube videos at age 6 and was soon involved in theater. He knew at a young age that he was born to entertain.

6. He’s not afraid to give his opinion on the ridiculousness of reality stars

After a trip to the bookstore, Totah returned home with a novel written by none other than Kendall and Kylie Jenner. “First of all… why are they writing a sci-fi novel? Usually like a fashion blog or ‘Oooh, how to use eyeliner…’ that is, like, odd,” Totah comments about the book in a YouTube video. “That is like Michelle Obama writing a book about how to use a toilet.”

7. But he’s still a Kim K fan

8. His pet peeve is that people don’t have enough pet peeves

“Today, I am doing my pet peeves,” Totah says in one of his YouTube videos. “And notice I say ‘pet peeves,’ because some people have one pet peeve, but that means you’re crazy because this world is so messed up, everyone should have pet peeves,” he adds, emphasis on the “s.”

9. He supports the LBGT community

Last fall, Totah posted a video announcing that he would be wearing purple on Oct. 17 in honor of GLAAD Spirit Day and encouraging other kids to participate. “We want to show these kids that it’s OK to be who you are and just have fun,” he said.

10. He, like so many others, felt the loss of Robin Williams

Totah looked up to Williams as a comedian and took to Instagram to express his loss after Williams’ passing. “RIP Robin Williams. You inspired me to be an actor,” he said.

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