Watch Benedict Cumberbatch get upstaged by a sassy, young interviewer (VIDEO)

Benedict Cumberbatch steals our hearts with his deep voice and piercing looks, but he seals the deal with his playfulness in this new video for his upcoming animated film, Penguins of Madagascar.

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Cumberbatch has been having quite the time promoting the film about a super spy team of penguins trying to save the world. He brought a silly and fun attitude during the Comic-Con San Diego panel this year for the film and admitted to loving the Penguins of Madagascar book as a child.

Now, DreamWorks has released this video of a crazy interview with Cumberbatch and young actor, J.J. Totah, as host. The two play off each other so well in this goofy video that it’s bound to steal your heart and make you want to see Penguins of Madagascar when it opens in theaters on Nov. 26.

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“OK, so you and the penguins have different styles of spying. How can I become a spy, too?” Totah says right off the bat as his first question.

“Well, you know, uh,” Cumberbatch considers, “there’s all sorts of things you have to take into consideration. I think the most important one is that to perform well as a spy, you have to know how to work undercover.”

Totah is a fast learner, because in the middle of Cumberbatch’s response, the actor suddenly cuts off with a look of confusion, “I’m sorry, are you wearing a fake mustache?” he asks.

Totah isn’t just wearing a fake mustache. As the camera cuts over to him, we see that he is wearing a giant fake mustache and smoothing it thoughtfully, impressed with Cumberbatch’s detective skills.

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The next spy stunt the two work on is hide and go seek. Totah not so skillfully hides behind his chair and Cumberbatch easily, albeit awkwardly, names Totah’s location.

“You are the master,” Totah gushes.

The interview only gets more strange for Cumberbatch as Totah gets more excited for the film. In the end, Cumberbatch decides to duck out with some hide and seek of his own.

Watch the full video of the interview below.


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