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SPOILERS: We’re breathlessly waiting for these Outlander sex scenes

Spoilerphobes, beware! Stop reading if you’re not interested in speculation on the future of Jamie and Claire.

With the Sept. 20 episode entitled “The Wedding” on the horizon, we’re finally closing in on what fans of the books have been looking forward to for weeks — Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) stop dancing around all their unrequited sexual tension and kickstart their relationship, the cornerstone of the whole series. We’re all for a slow build, but there’s slow and then there’s glacial. All the longing looks and double meanings in their conversations have been driving us crazy!

One of the things we most love about Diana Gabaldon’s series is all the steamy love scenes. Here’s our picks for the best of the bunch — and the ones we most hope we’ll see hit the screen after the gorgeous twosome’s wedding.

Jamie’s first time

“I reckon one of us should ken what they’re doing,” Jamie told Claire this week as he confessed that it didn’t bother him that she’s not a virgin… so long as it doesn’t bother her that he is. Though it takes Claire a while to get comfortable with the idea of sleeping with her new husband for the first time, once she relaxes enough to allow it, things heat up quickly.

A particular highlight? Special mention is made through the book that Jamie Fraser never takes the name of the Lord in vain, but when he loses his virginity, the first words out of his mouth are “Holy God.” He’s sweet, he’s attentive and we’ll be furious if the moment where he shyly asks if she’d “mind verra much” if they did it again is clipped from the episode.

Post-fight with the British deserters

A few weeks into their marriage, Claire and Jamie are happened upon by a pair of British deserters who recognize that Jamie’s got a price on his head. They’re forced to kill the pair in order to make their escape, but afterward, they turn to each other for reassurance that they managed to live through it. “It was not an act of love, but one of necessity, as though we knew that left alone, neither of us could stand,” Claire narrates, and it’s the first time they realize that they can be a little rough with each other without the other one breaking, that they’ll never have to hold back with each other. It’s less about passion and more about survival instincts, and it shows how far they’ve come together.

Jamie presents Claire with her wedding ring

Claire’s always been a little suspicious of Laoghaire’s feelings for Jamie, and her jealousy was always something that Jamie found a little endearing — until they return from their pseudo-honeymoon and she sees him speaking with Laoghaire in a dark corner. Claire becomes convinced that he’d rather their marriage be a marriage in name only and that he’d rather be with Laoghaire than her.

Jamie is only too happy to set her straight. He didn’t run off to meet Laoghaire behind Claire’s back. In fact, he was heading to the armory to pick up the wedding ring he had commissioned for Claire, something special even if, as he says, there’s no legal need for her to wear it. It’s just a gesture of his devotion.

It’s the scene where she realizes how deep her feelings for Jamie have really become, and they seal the moment with an extremely passionate, fierce and ferocious encounter. It’s the moment when they truly become partners in life instead of only husband and wife by name. It’s the first time they make it clear that they’re married because they choose to be and not out of necessity. And it’s a beautiful thing.

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