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13 Things we learned from the Supernatural Season 10 promo

The CW has just released a brand-spanking-new promo for Supernatural Season 10 and it is filled to the brim with information. Check out 13 things we learned from the video.

I’m already so excited to meet Demon Dean that I can barely contain myself. Especially after the network released those tantalizing premiere photos that showed the newly demonized Winchester rocking out to karaoke. But the new promo video has taught us even more about what to expect this season.

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1. Jared Padalecki’s shoulder injury will be written into the show

Poor Jared Padalecki was messing around in the green room at a convention over the summer and decided to get into a wrestling match with Osric Chau (who played Kevin on the show). Despite the massive size difference, Padalecki ended up with a dislocated shoulder and he’s wearing a brace in the promo, which shows that he was still injured when they began filming.

2. Demon Dean doesn’t want to be fixed

Demon Dean tells Sam that he knows his brother wants to fix him, but he also says that he doesn’t want to be fixed. As a fan it’s both exciting and frightening to see Dean (Jensen Ackles) acting so differently than his normal self.

3. Sam will torture demons to find his brother

Dean was the one who was educated in the art of torture during his time in Hell, but Sam’s no slouch either. In fact, he can even torture demons with one arm tied down, which is pretty freaking talented when you think about it.

4. Crowley wants to make the perfect Hell

Now, I can’t say that I really know what a “perfect Hell” would be, but if Crowley (Mark Sheppard) wants it then I doubt it would be anything good. He wants Demon Dean to help make it happen, which makes me wonder if he wants to bring Hell to Earth.

5. Demon Dean is totally working with Crowley

I predicted this would happen at the end of last season and it looks like Dean and Crowley will indeed end up working together. I thought they might become buddies, but honestly, Demon Dean doesn’t look like he wants to be anyone’s friend — not even a fellow demon’s.

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6. Demon Dean goes on a rampage, apparently over porn

We all know that Dean has always been a big fan of his Busty Asian Beauty magazines, but Demon Dean apparently takes that a step farther. It looks like he will beat someone up over a porn magazine. So be warned, people: Don’t come between Demon Dean and his Busty Asian Beauties.

7. Demon Dean likes strip clubs, drinking, driving fast and fighting

Is it just me or does Demon Dean remind anyone else of Season 1 Dean? I often miss that old Dean, the one who was more into partying, but I didn’t necessarily want him back like this.

8. There is no demon inside of Dean

Crowley tells Sam that the only demon inside of Dean is his own and that is perhaps the scariest part about meeting Demon Dean. The person doing all these terrible things isn’t some fearsome creature from the underworld, it’s the deepest, darkest part of Dean’s soul being manifested.

9. Sam can’t keep Demon Dean locked up

This one wasn’t really a surprise. Sam tries to capture his demonic brother, but did he really think he could keep Demon Dean under lock and key? Oh, Sammy.

10. Castiel gets beaten to a pulp, again

I’m not exactly sure how it happens but poor Castiel (Misha Collins) is found lying on the side of the road by Crowley. Some of the clips suggest that he was beaten by Demon Dean, but another part of the video also suggests a car wreck, perhaps caused by Demon Dean as well.

11. Demon Dean has no problem punching out Sam

Little brother or not, Demon Dean will not put up with anyone getting in his way. I have a feeling that Sam won’t let Dean get the best of him for too long, though.

12. Demon Dean is a terrible singer

It’s sad that this show has never allowed Jensen Ackles to use the beautiful singing voice he has, but they established long ago that Dean is an awful singer. Unfortunately, so is Demon Dean. Get ready to plug your ears, people.

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13. The hunt for the “Deanmon” is on

I don’t know if it will catch on, but The CW gave Demon Dean a new nickname in the promo: Deanmon. It’s not bad but it doesn’t flow off the tongue as easily as “Demon Dean” does, in my opinion.

So what about you, fellow fans? What did you learn from the Supernatural Season 10 promo and how excited has it gotten you for the season premiere on Oct. 7?

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