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Miley Cyrus debuts ultra-colorful jewelry line

If that twerking thing doesn’t work out, it looks like Miley Cyrus has a backup career ready to go.

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Miley debuted a line of jewelry — all handmade by the star herself — at Jeremy Scott’s New York Fashion Week show Wednesday. The super-colorful pieces are made out of alphabet beads and a ton of random, colorful toys and objects, from Slinkies to car air fresheners.

The necklaces, rings and hair accessories are way cuter than they sound. A Glamour reporter said the pieces stole the show away from Scott.

Miley’s accessories definitely caused a commotion,” the reporter said. “There were hundreds of paparazzi outside… it was the most intense fashion show I’ve ever been to.”

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Scott explained backstage that Miley had her eye on a jewelry line long before his show.

“We live really close to each other in LA, and she had a little party and I came over,” he said. “And she started showing me these things she was making, and I said ‘Wow, this kind of looks like my collection — it’s colorful and stream-of-consciousness and everything just kind of goes and somehow works. I was like, ‘Oh my god this looks so cool, would you think about doing something?’ And she said absolutely. And then the next day I sent her a text and said I was dead serious about the jewelry for the show, if you’re into it. And she was like, ‘I thought you were joking, I’m so happy!’ And then she’s calling me and saying, ‘OK, we have to start planning.’ And she just got into and she did it. She made everything herself.”

Scott’s collection was “music festival” inspired, he said, so Miley’s youthful pieces fit right in. Personally, I’m super in love with a pair of puffball rings she showed off on her Instagram — Miley, where can I get some of these?

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What do you think of Miley’s designs? Would they fit your style?

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