Justin Theroux is the key to Jennifer Aniston’s happiness

Jennifer Aniston can’t seem to stop talking about how happy she is lately.

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My life is a happy life,” she said during a press conference for her new movie, Cake, at the Toronto International Film Festival. “It’s a choice.”

But it seems like that choice is a whole lot easier as long as fiancé Justin Theroux is in the picture.

“Justin is probably one of the funniest human beings that I’ve ever encountered,” she gushed. “I have the great fortune to laugh a lot. We laugh a lot.”

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It looks like Justin was good to have by her side while she was working on Cake, a film that deals with some decidedly heavy themes. In the movie, Jen’s character investigates the suicide of a friend, played by Anna Kendrick, whom she meets in a support group for sufferers of chronic pain. As she digs deeper into her friend Nina’s life and develops a strong relationship with Nina’s husband, Jen’s character is forced to face her own personal demons and confront the tragedy of Nina’s death head-on, Aniston told media at the premiere.

“I just thought she was a beautiful, tortured, layered character,” she said. “I felt such extreme empathy for her and what she was struggling through and the journey that she takes.”

The screening ended with a standing ovation from TiFF-goers and critics are already laying on the praise for Aniston’s work in the film.

And for Aniston, the role was a good reminder not to take the good things in her off-screen life for granted.

“We appreciate that we can get up, that we can stand up and run,” she said. “We are all very blessed.”

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Congrats to Jen on what looks like a successful role and just as much success in her personal life!


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