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Frat boys lip-sync Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” and it’s perfect (VIDEO)

Swifties are everywhere, including (apparently) dorm hallways. One frat decided to take Taylor Swift’s new song, “Shake It Off,” and put their own spin on it.

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The boys of Delta Sigma Phi Beta Mu put together a video of them lip-synching to Swift’s new song and they may have portrayed the song just as well as TSwift herself. The pop princess put herself in many different situations in her video, including as a cheerleader and a ballerina, and she showed what she thinks about the “haters” out there. But the boys did the same with their own rendition of the Swift song. Even though some of the guys were obviously less enthused than others to be participating (and some were way too excited), they put together a pretty impressive effort.

According to KLTV, the fraternity brothers recorded their version in their dorm at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky — and they did it all in one take (an impressive feat, even for an experienced filmmaker). Apparently, only about 1,100 students are enrolled in the school, which means they may have a higher percentage of Swift fans than the average community.

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Taylor Swift has not yet commented on the video, but it’s very possible she will as soon as she watches it. As far as flattery goes, this one takes the cake. But luckily (for everyone involved), the boys didn’t attempt to imitate the twerking from Swift’s original video.

Maybe Swift has been looking for love in all the wrong places and she should start looking at regular guys — especially those intent on flattering her. It’s a good start anyways.

Watch Delta Sigma Phi’s video here:

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