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David Beckham lets Victoria dress him

David and Victoria Beckham are an important power couple — in the world of fashion, entertainment and sports. But it wasn’t always that way. Victoria started as a Spice Girl and David has grown a lot — in the public eye.

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But all the growth they have achieved has been together and it hasn’t been overnight. David Beckham spoke with ITV about learning to be a fashionable male, mostly from his wife, despite his past mistakes (including an infamous sarong).

“That’s one thing I never regret! I thought it looked great and I would still wear it now!” he said, according to People. “That’s what’s great about fashion. Over the years… everybody looks back at old pictures of themselves and thinks… ‘What was I thinking?'”

But Beckham said he has learned a lot from his wife, who has become a fashion icon.

?”She has opinions to what I wear. I’m my own person so I think if something looks good then I’ll wear it but when you’re in a relationship, when you are married, you trust their judgement and she’s got a pretty good eye,” he explained.

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Although Beckham has become something of a fashion icon himself, he said he could never compete with his wife and daughter (who already takes around 20 minutes to choose what to wear each day). But through it all, they seem to be a close family and he is just as in love with his wife as he was when they were married.

“I’m very proud of what she’s achieved, what she’s done,” he said. “To go from being a Spice Girl [in] the biggest girl band in history then to being respected in the fashion industry that’s something that doesn’t happen overnight, so to see the scale of what she’s achieved and what she’s created is special.”

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