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America’s Next Top Model eliminee Ben may not be gone for good

America’s Next Top Model contestant, Ben Schreen, may have won “best photo” in previous weeks, but he didn’t make the final cut last night. He answered our questions after the episode.

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Iowa boy and by far one of the nicest, least feisty contestants, Ben was sent packing this week after some harsh words from Tyra Banks. Does he miss the experience and is his ride truly over? Ben shared all the deets with SheKnows.

SheKnows: What surprised you most while watching this week’s episode?

Ben Schreen: I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t near as much drama in this week’s episode and that they put a lot of emphasis on my ability to sing, write and play guitar.

SK: What’s one thing viewers didn’t see that happened behind the scenes that you’ll never forget/that you wished they would have aired on the show?

BS: I sang and danced a lot more often! I think fans would have enjoyed watching that. Adam and I pulled a lot more bro shenanigans than they showed! For example, playing freeze tag and Eiffel Towering the bush animals for the “Line” app videos, doing push-ups and abs wherever whenever, having goofy dunk contests with a little nerf net, throwing rager dance parties while everyone else was asleep. I won a massage for two from winning best photo and picked Adam as my partner. Our banter throughout the massage was hysterical. I was gifted a very expensive black diamond bracelet from Jason of Beverly Hills for winning the stilt runway challenge. I wrote another song that was inspired by Lenox behind the scenes called “Dare to be Different.” It’s basically about finding the confidence and strength in your truest self.

SK: What’s the most important thing Miss J taught you on the show? How about Tyra Banks?

BS: What I learned most from Miss J was her advice on maintaining good posture and speed while owning the runway. Out of all the things I learned from Tyra Banks, what stood out most was how to find my best light and how to portray the energy necessary for each shot.

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SK: How were things in the house when you left?

BS: I brought a lighthearted and encouraging aura on and off the set that died down after I left the house.

SK: Are you surprised you got eliminated? What would you have done differently?

BS: I’m not surprised I was eliminated. I rocked the “Joe Dirt” mullet Mohawk as best I could. There was nothing I would have done differently.

SK: Who on the show will you continue to keep in touch with and why?

BS: I keep in touch with my ANTM family on the “Line” app, because we all grew very close in the house and want to continue to encourage each other’s futures.

SK: Who do you predict will win? Who do you want to win?

BS: There’s a chance I may be coming back. Stay tuned.

Oh, my! Will Ben really return? We’ll just have to keep watching America’s Next Top Model to find out.

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