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Anna Kendrick doesn’t want your diamonds, creeper

If you’re an arduous dude with the hots for Anna Kendrick, despite never having actually met her, maybe don’t send her unexpected expensive jewelry — because it’s going in the trash.

Don’t you just hate it when strangers shower you with jewels? The Pitch Perfect star said one romantically inclined man, whom she has never met, found out her home address and sent her a rambling love letter, along with a (probably gorgeous and huge) pair of diamond earrings.

“I got [a gift] with, like, a really long letter about how he really felt like we should be together, and if I would just give him a chance, and he didn’t want to do it over social media because he thought that would pressure me because it was public… he [wanted] to be a gentleman,” Kendrick explained on the WTF with Marc Maron Podcast. “And he, uh, sent me a pair of diamond earrings.”

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“Get the f*** out of here,” Maron said. “For-real ones?”

“For-real diamond earrings,” she said. “I did go and check. And I was just like, ‘These have to go into the trash. I can’t. I cannot. I cannot wear them. I can’t give them to someone. It’s too weird. If the teddy bear goes in the trash, these go in the trash. Just on principle.’ So, I had to throw them away. If you send something to my house, it’s going in the trash.”

Not sell and give the money to charity or hand off to a homeless person. She threw them in the trash.

Now, if George Clooney had sent them to her, she would wear them every day of her life, along with a T-shirt that said “I made a movie with George Clooney and all I got were these huge diamond earrings,” because Kendrick is pretty much the president of the George Clooney fan club. She waxed poetic about how awesome he was to her when they were filming Up in the Air, one of her first major roles in a mainstream film.

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“George was so nice,” she told Maron. “I didn’t meet him until we were on set together. There was the first thing we shot together, we were doing a sort of walk-and-talk, and we were waiting to go and he was like [under his breath], ‘Do you get nervous? I get nervous.’

“I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ It was the smallest thing, but it, like, opened up my world… he probably does that for everybody when he can tell they’re like, ‘What am I doing here? I don’t belong here.’ Just a couple of words from [Clooney] and you’re like, ‘Oh, my God, he’s a person! I’m a person. We’re the same!’

“At one point, I was like, ‘Can you run lines with me?’ and he immediately did the scene with me,” she revealed. “And I didn’t realize until later that, you know, he’s a f***ing movie star. He could’ve just f***ed off and, you know, gone to his trailer or called his agent. [He didn’t have to sit with me all day] for a scene he’s not even in, running the other guy’s lines with me.

“And that kind of generosity is something I think about all the time. If he can be that generous, everybody should be able to do that.”

On second thought, maybe she should send Clooney some diamonds. We’ll call it a wedding present.

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