Rolling Stone calls the Kardashians repugnant and egotistical

A new Rolling Stone essay calls the Kardashians “egotistical,” saying they are full of themselves and have “repugnant” qualities.

In his incendiary piece, aptly titled “The Kardashians: The Egos that Ate America,” writer, Rob Sheffield, left the notorious reality family in the mud with his opinion of the famous clan. Amazed that the Kardashian-Jenner family has been on the air for a whole seven years, Sheffield did marvel at their staying power.

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“So many empires have come and gone in the Kardashian era: The Hills, Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives of Wherever…” he wrote. “But the Kardashians are right here, where they’ve always been. Which is freaking everywhere.”

But Sheffield believes the reason why the everlasting Kardashians have survived in the spotlight is because they have “always believed they were celebrities — endlessly amused with themselves” and they are just “oblivious” to each other.

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“Their vanity is impervious to the outside world… their gargantuan egos, their petty jealousies, their catty feuds, the effort-vs-eye-roll they put into reciting their lines, their commitment to frivolity at all costs,” Sheffield wrote. “These are seductive qualities in a reality TV star, however repugnant they might be in real life.”

The essay goes on to laugh at many of the latest Kardashian dramas, including Khloé’s split from Lamar Odom and Kourtney’s third pregnancy, as well as the super-popular Kim and Kanye relationship. Sheffield notes that the family seems to never grow or learn from their mistakes and hardly suffers any consequences for their ill-advised actions.

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However, no matter how loathed the family has become, fans just seem to be unable to unglue themselves from their show. “All they ever promised is what they keep delivering: a journey into the American ego at its most luridly monstrous, with lots of shopping.”

Sheffield concluded that hating the Kardashians is understandable, but along all with their legendary undesirable qualities, they do offer what the masses demand.


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