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Hilary Duff shatters Aaron Carter’s reconciliation dreams

Aaron Carter made headlines a few months ago when he declared his undying love for Hilary Duff, and while we thought it was quite romantic at the time, it seems she doesn’t feel the same way about his sentiments.

In the last few months Carter has taken to Twitter more than once to profess his love. He also touched on the topic of his ex-girlfriend during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying, “I don’t know who she is today, she doesn’t know who I am today, but I would sweep her off her feet if I ever got a chance to again and fix what I did wrong.”

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So during an interview with Buzzfeed, the Perfect Man actress was asked about her ex-boyfriend and whether or not she would ever consider reigniting their romance.

“I was not expecting this question,” Duff responded with a laugh.

He does, I keep seeing that, that he keeps doing that. I don’t know how I feel. I mean, that was so long ago, and obviously I’m still married and I have a baby and we kind of just… Yeah, don’t know each other. So, yeah…”

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So it’s just weird? The publication asked the blond beauty.

“You said it, not me!” Duff said with a laugh.

Sorry, Aaron, we think that’s a no. However, we do understand why he had a glimmer of hope, because Duff and her husband of three years, Mike Comrie, announced that they intended to separate earlier this year.

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But in the months since their split announcement the pair has been spotted together on numerous occasions, so we’re not quite sure what’s happening there, but it looks as though they may be considering getting back together. Poor Aaron.

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