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Chris Pratt is perfect for SNL! Our favorite goofball moments from Everwood to Pawnee

NBC announced today that Chris Pratt is on tap to host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. Once we finished squealing like fangirls, we decided to share our favorite moments.

Well, hello there, Hottie McHotterson! Pratt’s Esquire cover >>

If you’re in your late twenties or early thirties, you probably remember a little show called Everwood. Sure, it only ran for four seasons, but, they might have been the best four seasons ever. Not only did they bring us Emily VanCamp and Gregory Smith, but they, of course, introduced us to Chris Pratt. Before Everwood, Pratt’s claim to fame was a Friskies commercial. This quickly changed, though.
Everwood not only introduced us to Pratt and his lovable goofball tendencies, it also showed us his swoon-worthy side. Remember Bright and Hannah? (And, yes, that’s “April” from Grey’s Anatomy.) Who else fell hard for Bright after this scene?
After Everwood came The O.C., where we witnessed even more of Pratt’s genius. Not only did we catch a glimpse of that butt, but we also got our first taste of his guitar playing. And, once again, he kept us smiling.
Of course, where we really fell for Pratt and truly understood his humor was when he showed up on Parks and Rec. In our book, you’re either an Andy or a Ron… and we’ll always choose the Andy.
The return of his guitar was an added bonus.
And it even made an appearance during this amazing wedding toast when his character completely roasted his best friend… and made us laugh our asses off.

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And who says The Lego Movie is a kids movie? Pratt, Will Arnett and the rest of the blocks kept us in stitches during this comedy. Sure, Pratt may not be showing a ton of range as he continues his “just a normal guy” schtick. But, he’s the best normal guy on the block.
We’re a little bummed no one has YouTubed the opening dance sequence from Guardians of the Galaxy. That might be one of our favorite Pratt moments. We’ll call him Star Lord anytime he wants.
He doesn’t need a team of writers to be funny, though. Pratt has proven time and again that he’s funny all on his own. You know, like the time he flashed Amy Poehler and NBC sent him a scolding letter.
Or, you know, the time Ellen DeGeneres asked him about married life.
When it comes to all the hotties running around Hollywood, Pratt remains our favorite. We love Will Arnett and Will Ferrell, but we can see them trying to make us laugh. For Pratt, it’s his facial expressions and the way he shrugs his way through moments that continue to put a smile on our faces and, inevitably, make us overwhelmingly jealous of his wife, Anna Faris. We can’t wait to see his opening monologue on SNL later this year and to see what kind of antics he gets up to in the skits. Added bonus: Pratt is friends with so many former cast members, we expect a lot of awesome cameos!

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