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Chloë Grace Moretz reveals why she digs Brooklyn Beckham

Chloë Grace Moretz says her teen romance with Brooklyn Beckham is far less superficial than we probably think.

While the actress stops short of actually confirming whether or not the two are dating (oh come on, they totally are), she does talk about how awesome he is — and she gives a reason you’d never think you’d hear from a 17-year-old girl.

“What I find really interesting about Brooklyn — and what I really love about that kid — is that he is passionate about what he wants, which is to be a professional soccer player,” she said in Teen Vogue‘s October 2014 issue. “And I enjoy someone who is on my level with the seriousness kind of thing.”

Brooklyn’s famous dad is, of course, huge soccer star David Beckham, so the teen probably has a leg up on his competition talent-wise.

“Real teenagers are not these shiny, pretty, happy people,” Moretz said while discussing her new flick If I Stay. “Real teenagers fall in love. They get intimate. Some of them drink and some of them smoke. And kids push boundaries, and parents aren’t always amazing.”

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But Brooklyn had better watch his back, because Moretz says her brothers have their eyes on anyone she might possibly have an inkling of dating.

“My brothers will follow them on Instagram and Twitter,” she revealed. “It’s a sort of [cyber warning] that says, ‘I’m here. I’m on top of you.'”

It sounds like they have nothing to worry about, though, because Moretz keeps things on the straight and narrow. “I’ve never been the kid who wants to do crazy stuff,” she said. “I tell my mom where I’m going. It’s a pool party — I’m sure people are going to be drinking. But I’m not going to be drinking. I have a control issue. I like knowing who’s around me.”

Read the complete interview with Chloë Grace Moretz in the October 2014 issue of Teen Vogue.

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