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How I felt listening to Calvin Harris’ new song ‘Blame’ (GIFs)

I listened to Calvin Harris’ new song today, “Blame” featuring John Newman. It went a little something like this.

So, we all know Calvin Harris as that guy who produces songs that all sound the same. Or is that Avicii? Or is that Tiesto? Trick question! It’s all three.

We can hate all we want, though. Sooner than later, we end up caving and jamming out to them in our cars or even at work at least four times a day. (Spotify, please stop adding “Summer” to your playlists. Kthxbye.)

The worst (or best) part? We still love it. We love every single Calvin Harris song.

Ready, set, press play. And who knows, maybe you’ll have the same experience I did.

This sounds fun. All right, I think I can get into this.

Head bobbing GIF

(0:23 seconds in)
Words! Words I can memorize! “Niii-ii-i-i-ighhhhtt… don’t blame it on me!”

Singing GIF

Oh, snap. Higher octave. And hand claps!

Beyonce hand claps GIF

And so it begins. Raging so hard.

Raise the roof GIF

Oh, we’re slowing down… but at least we still have hand claps.

Jimmy Fallon hand clap GIF

I hope no one notices I’m mumbling through this…

Adam Levine GIF

More intense hand claps, yes! But when is it going to kick in?

Kanye GIF

We’re here! Dancing, dancing hard.

Batman and Robin GIF

We’re slowing down again?! What is he saying?

Again GIF

Echoing. I hear echoing. Wait, is that chanting?

Britney Spears GIF

Here we go again, it’s rising…

Old Woman GIF

Aw, yeah! Same thing from 20 seconds ago! I haven’t heard this before at all.

I Can't Even GIF

Is anything different going to happen? Oh, the song ended.

Excuse Me GIF

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