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George W. adorably teaches Bill Clinton about being a granddad

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush may have been on opposing sides of the political sphere at one point in their lives, but it looks like now they have a lot in common.

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Bush and Clinton both showed up in Washington Monday and acted like old pals as they chatted about life after the White House, according to CNN. An important commonality the two men will soon have in common is grandchildren!

“Get ready also to be, like, the lowest person in the pecking order in your family,” Bush joked to Clinton about his impending grandfatherhood.

Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, is expecting her first child this fall, which means the family is about to get a little bit larger. While Clinton and Bush discussed being a grandparent, Clinton’s phone rang.

“Only two people have this number and they are related to me,” he laughed. “I hope I’m not being told I’m about to become a premature grandfather!”

Although things have been tense between Bush and Clinton in the past (as well as between Clinton and Bush’s father, President George H. W. Bush), it looks like the two only have respect for each other these days.

“He used to call me twice a year, in his second term, just to talk,” Clinton said about Bush. “We’d talk — depending on how much time he had, ’cause he was busier than me — somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes, for several years. It meant a lot to me.”

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The two said they often disagreed, but learned to respect each other’s opinions. Clinton even added, “I actually learned a lot watching him over the years.”

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