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INTERVIEWS: Red Band Society crew promises rivalries, hookups and soapy goodness

Think Fox’s new series, Red Band Society, is just about sick kids living in a hospital? Think again! SheKnows caught up with Wilson Cruz, Rebecca Rittenhouse and Rina Mimoun on the red carpet at PaleyFest this week and these insiders revealed the show is so much more.

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On the surface, it appears the show follows the trials and tribulations of high school students who are in long-term care, but Mimoun, who is an executive producer for the program, revealed to SheKnows that relationships are what will take the forefront. According to Mimoun, there will be a whole lot of hooking up going on between hospital staff, as well as the teens, and rivalries pop up within the first couple episodes of the show.

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“One of the things we’re moving towards is telling some more of our adult story lines because we are so fortunate to have actresses like Rebecca and Wilson and Octavia and Dave Annable,” said Mimoun. “We really want to explore their lives as much as we do the kids. So, as we move forward, you’re definitely going to see more of them and that will be soapy goodness and wonderfulness coming up and we introduce some more adult characters on the show as early as episode two.”

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Lips were sealed as to which of the adult characters would be getting cozy, but Rittenhouse, who plays nurse, Brittany Dobler, teased that she might be getting in on the action and it could involve one of the hospital’s doctors. “I might, I might,” Rittenhouse said coyly when asked if she’ll be getting close with any resident MDs. “I think that’s all I can say!” Annable’s character, Dr. Jack McAndrew, and Dobler would make a mighty fine couple… just sayin’!

But as relationships heat up, it looks like bonds will be broken pretty quickly, as well. “There will be more fracturing,” said Mimoun. “We see in the pilot how important the Red Band Society becomes to these kids and how they sort of rely on it and depend on it and right away in the first five episodes we see a divide as a result of one of our love triangles sort of blowing up.”

One thing that echoed through Cruz, Mimoun and Rittenhouse’s statements was that Red Band Society is also a powerful show because, at its very root, it is about human experience. “I grew up in a lot of ways like these kids, in that tomorrow wasn’t guaranteed to any of us and I think that changes the way you look at your life,” said Cruz, who added that he came of age during the AIDS epidemic and lost many loved ones in the ’80s. “It’s not what we’re dealing with, it’s how we are dealing with it and how we get through it that’s important. It’s how you deal with adversity. That’s what the show is about. The show’s about how much you love the people around you and the relationships you build. It’s not about death or disease… it’s about life.”

Check out Red Band Society when it premieres on Sept. 17 at 9/8c on Fox!

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