Channing Tatum shows love with the Dick Graze (VIDEO)

Sep 9, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. ET
Image: FayesVision/

Let's face it, rapping about grazing other people's private parts sounds like a hormonal preteen's dream come true, but when Channing Tatum does it, it becomes ridiculously funny.

Tatum's viral video where he raps about giving friendly love to pals by subtly grazing their nether regions has become an internet sensation. At first, I thought this was quite off-putting and, honestly, just stupid. But leave it to Tatum to make it hilarious and irresistible to watch.

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The clip's purpose is to put hype on the upcoming release of iTunes' 22 Jump Street and features Tatum along with his costar Jillian Bell rapping about how to show your boy or girl pals some love. Instead of shaking a friend's hand or giving them a "pound," you give them the Dick Graze.

"A dick graze? Never heard of it," an unsuspecting backstage hand says to Tatum after he gets "grazed" by the actor.

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"It's just a little way I like to say hello," Tatum tells the very confused guy. "Let me explain it to you." And so the video begins.

Tatum is shown "grazing" all kinds of innocent male bystanders who understandably give him odd and troubled looks. Of course, Bell wanted in on the action and she too showed how to greet the ladies in grazing style. Her way of giving friendly girl love is to graze the boobs.

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After Bell runs around touching as many girls' boobs as she can in true rap style, she ends it by "grazing" Tatum's privates, but she apparently does it wrong.

"What the f***! It's a graze, not a grab!" Tatum yells as he falls to his knees in the sand.

If you think this sounds totally immature and ridiculous, no one blames you. But seriously, you have to see the clip, because Tatum and Bell hit it on the nail (no pun intended) and really make this absurd video look hysterical.