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LISTEN: Fall Out Boy’s new track “Centuries” is so ’80s

Fall Out Boy is back. And boy, are they intent on people remembering them — remembering them for centuries.

Hot off their upcoming, yet-to-be-named sixth album, the boys have channeled their inner ’80s and injected that hook from that one song by that one chick we can’t remember. A quick Google search later, you realize it’s Suzanne Vega (of course) and her song “Tom’s Diner” (yeah, never would have remembered that).

Obviously they included this hook for people like me who refuse, most of the time, to actually learn the lyrics of any song and simply mumble along. (It’s pretty convincing — trust me.) So, thank you, Fall Out Boy, for doing this. I could never mess up the lyrics to this hook.

In all seriousness, though: The real reason they included this hook? They just had Girl Meets World on the brain.

“Seems ripe for the picking. To me, thinking about what, culturally, people are so into right now,” Pete Wentz said in an interview with KROQ. “You’ve got Girl Meets World on TV, like, it just feels like, pick it off.

“It’s definitely a song people know but they know [only] that part and they don’t necessarily know the artist or the rest of the song or any of that. It’s kinda cool to re-inject that into pop culture.”

Inject away, Fall Out Boy.

They didn’t sample the original track, though. LOLO, a label-mate from Brooklyn, sings the classic “do-do-do-do-do-do” hook. (She’s worth a listen, too; check out her video below.)
As for the rest of the “Centuries” lyrics, we couldn’t help but wonder what inspired such intensity and intent on ensuring they’d never be forgotten. (Cue Simple Minds’ “Don’t You Forget About Me.”)

According to Wentz in an interview with DIY, the idea of the song is “a David versus Goliath story.

“When we were growing up, it was like, ‘We’ll never be U2 because we’re from the suburbs of Chicago and nothing happens here,’ but the idea now is to inspire that kid — you can be the person up onstage and it’s only the power of your belief that is going to get you there.”

Ah, that makes sense. You hear that, kids? Follow your dreams, and listen to this rock anthem while you’re at it.
We can only hope the entire upcoming album (their sixth one!) has the same ’80s vibe.

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