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America’s Next Top Model‘s Chantelle: “I was actually very shocked I was going home

This week on America’s Next Top Model, Chantelle was sent home. The gorgeous girl still makes us infinitely jealous of those looks, but the judges just weren’t impressed with the outcome during her inverted shoot. What does she think of her experience?

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SheKnows: Makeovers have always been one of best episodes on ANTM, but some people were not happy with their makeovers. Were you? Why or why not?

Chantelle Brown-Young: I was happy with my makeover. I had always wanted an ombré but didn’t know where to get the ends professionally bleached. I was very happy.

SK: Who stressed out too much about it? Whose makeover was your favorite?

CBY: I’m guilty of both, LOL! I panicked when everyone told me they thought my makeover was going to be a buzz cut, but then I was super-happy with what Tyra had in mind for me… I wanted a long weave, so I was pretty much satisfied.

SK: What surprised you most while watching this week’s episode?

CBY: It surprised me how they were able to make me seem like an arrogant person in one episode. My friends and family called me, upset, asking “Why are they trying to make you seem like bad person?” I have to keep reminding people that it’s just TV and we know they may edit and chop up your words to fit the current situation.

SK: What’s one thing viewers didn’t see that happened behind the scenes that you’ll never forget or that you wished they would have aired on the show?

CBY: The only thing that comes to mind is how many times I said, “I don’t want to be presumptuous, I think we all have a chance,” and how they found a great clip of me with a little attitude to use. Attitude is great for TV.

SK: How do you feel about Miss J. being back?

CBY: I’ve always loved Miss J. and still do to this day. She always told me I reminded her of her niece… I hope that niece was her favorite.

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SK: What’s the most important thing Miss J. taught you on the show? How about Tyra Banks?

CBY: They both reminded me that nothing is a handout. You have to work for what you get in life.

SK: How were things in the house when you left?

CBY: Things were awesome between us all. I did leave without saying goodbye to everyone because I didn’t want to cry about it, especially seeing as there is a chance to get back into the competition.

SK: Are you surprised you got eliminated? What would you have done differently?

CBY: I was actually very shocked that I was going home. I really didn’t want to be the first or second sent home. But I wouldn’t have done anything differently. In life, everything happens for a reason.

SK: Who on the show will you continue to keep in touch with and why?

CBY: I’m still in touch with Marjana and Matthew — we still text here and there. Adam actually just texted me a picture he saw of my national Desigual ad campaign in NYC. And like always, when I see my hunks together — Matthew and Ben — I run and jump on them and they always catch me.

SK: Who do you predict will win? Who do you want to win?

CBY: I think it’s still really early in the competition so it’s hard to tell at this point — but stay tuned!

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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