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Bachelor in Paradise review: Finale couple superlatives

The couples that vacay together don’t really stay together apparently.

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As soon as Chris Harrison puts on his serious face, the 12 remaining contestants in paradise go running for the hills. Well, half of them at least. Tasos and Christy, Jackie and Zack and Graham and AshLee all decide to break up before the fantasy suite dates.

Least surprising breakup

This one goes to AshLee and Graham.

While AshLee and Graham were the couple that had been together the longest, we weren’t really surprised by the split. AshLee had been pretty overbearing since the beginning of the show. She was stalking the guy on Instagram before they even met and openly admitted it. It was enough to make any guy feel skeptical and claimed without consent.

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When it came to that Chris Harrison serious relationship face, Graham cracked with uncertainty, and the two quickly parted ways. Oh, and he got rid of his Instagram account following the show, which we find out thanks to the ending recaps.

Most surprising breakup

The couple that most surprisingly breaks up is Sarah and Robert.

And Sarah is the one to do the breaking. They stay together long enough to have their overnight date. While everything seems to go smoothly initially, the next morning Sarah is not happy. While the other two couples are snuggling and reminiscing about their time together, Sarah feels awkward about her time with Robert. Most notably: Girl wanted to get physical in bed with Robert, but he wore his jeans and wouldn’t let her even take them off. It’s one thing to want to move slowly and another to be not interested at all. Sarah says the discomfort didn’t end there. Robert rolled over and went to bed, not even cuddling with her at all.

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Robert seemed pretty blindsided by the split and said he just wanted to take things slow. Both are very upset as they leave paradise. It’s really sad, especially since Sarah was our favorite this season.

Most surprisingly stays together

The couple that most surprisingly stays together is Michelle and Cody.

They seem like they shouldn’t work, yet somehow come together so seamlessly. After a night in the sack, Michelle is completely sold. Let’s just say, in classier words than Michelle uses, that Cody didn’t have any trouble performing during any part of the night. That seems to seal the deal for this hot mama.

According to the ending credits, they are still together and very much in love. Cody is planning on moving to Utah after he trains Chris Soules for the next season of The Bachelor.

Least surprisingly stays together

Obviously, this one goes to Marcus and Lacy. The two continue with their romantic, lovey-dovey bliss all the way to the end.

But Marcus and Lacy don’t just decide to stay together. They take it up a notch by getting engaged! Forget the rose! That giant rock on Lacy’s finger says it all.

“He’s going to be my fiancé!” Lacy says excitedly. “He is my fiancé!” she realizes quickly.

Can we also have a special superlative for Lacy: Most like Jessica Simpson. The girl has definitely had some oops lines this season. Anyone feeling 80/40 on this one?

But it’s happily ever after for these two so they seem to have met their match. We’re told at the end of the show that the couple is planning a spring wedding.

Don’t worry now that your Monday night guilty pleasure has come to an end. Bachelor Nation still has a lot of fun in store for you. As you may have heard, Bachelor in Paradise has been renewed for Season 2.The Bachelor will also be back in January with farmer Chris Soules handing out the roses this time.

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