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We can’t see Miley Cyrus’ talent past her twerking

When a demure and understated Miley Cyrus vowed at the MTV Video Music Awards that her twerking days were behind her (pun intended), of course we were skeptical.

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“It’s not about twerking — it’s about the music,” Miley told red carpet correspondents. And, of course, we took her confession with a grain of salt. Turns out we were right.

Miley showed up to Alexander Wang’s Fashion Week after-party the complete opposite of her red carpet persona. For one thing, she was topless, wearing nothing above the waist but sparkly, tasseled ice-cream cone pasties. She chose to pair them with pill-covered sunglasses, because nothing says “focused on my music” like pasties and pill-covered sunglasses.

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And once inside, Miley proved that all those things she said about giving up the twerk? Well, we shouldn’t have gotten our hopes up. Photos posted to Twitter show Miley getting her twerk on all over that party. Other photos show her getting craaazy cozy with Alexander Wang — like, open-mouthed, tongue-filled kiss cozy.

If we’ve learned anything from Miley’s wild antics, it’s that she’s not afraid to be shocking. From grinding on a then-married Robin Thicke to getting banned from an entire country because her stage shows are too scandalous, we have to wonder where exactly Miley draws the line.

Here’s the thing: We’re over the twerk. If “Wrecking Ball” taught us anything, it’s that a serious, settled-down Miley is capable of writing and performing some amazing, emotional music. If leaving the twerk behind means more music like that, we’re all for it. Here’s hoping this was just a temporary fall off the twerk-wagon and Miley will be back to focusing on her music after this lapse.

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What do you think? Should Miley hang on to her signature move? Or would you be happy to see the twerk go? Tell us in the comments!

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