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Bachelor in Paradise: Renewed for more love and drama

The new Bachelor spin-off, Bachelor in Paradise, will be back for more love and betrayal after the hit reality series was renewed for a second season of drama.

It has been confirmed by E! News that the latest offshoot of The Bachelor franchise will be back for more love spats, alcohol-induced love and backstabbings galore. The show kicked off with many of its Bachelor fans glued to their TVs on Monday nights to see all the drama unfold, and luckily they stuck around.

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The dramatic reality series centers on past contestants of previous seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette, who are put together in beach hotel in a remote paradise location. The group of gorgeous men and women must make love connections by the end of each week to get a rose and not be booted off the show and forced to leave paradise.

This first season of the show did not disappoint, with love stories ranging from real, true connections to awful betrayals done to blindly in love contestants who got hoodwinked into giving a rose.

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There were guys with secret girlfriends, a ladies’ man looking for fun and hookups with any lovesick woman who took the bait and even a very free-spirited girl running around naked.

With so many love-rejected suitors coming our way on the Bachelor and Bachelorette this year, Bachelor in Paradise will never run out of contestants. They are always up for trying to find love on TV again and again. And again.

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