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Celebs join forces to nab nasty ice bucket challenge pranksters

Drew Carey, Jenny McCarthy, Donnie Wahlberg and Montel Williams have put a bounty on the heads of the awful, awful people who played a disgusting trick on a teen with autism.

The 15-year-old Ohio boy was the target of an absolutely horrendous prank — a crime, really — when fellow students convinced him he was taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but instead dumped a bucket of urine, feces, spit and cigarette butts over his head.

The boy’s family later released the video of the incident, taken on the victim’s own phone, to raise awareness of their son’s plight.

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The Price Is Right host Drew Carey, from Ohio himself, caught wind of the situation and was so disgusted that he decided to help find the perpetrators by offering up a reward.

Carey added that if the perpetrators are found outside of the terms of the reward, he will give the money to Autism Speaks instead.

Newlywed Jenny McCarthy, whose son has autism, offered to match Carey’s reward to bring it up to $20,000.

Not to be outdone, McCarthy’s new husband Donnie Wahlberg threw in another $10,000.

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In addition to donating cash, Montel Williams said this should be a teaching moment for our kids.

In a press release, local police said they are “working closely with the Bay Schools, analyzing the device used to record the video, interviewing witnesses, determining exactly where and when this occurred and identifying those involved.”

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