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13 Child prodigies on The Ellen Show that give us insecurity complexes

Ellen DeGeneres obviously has a true gift for comedy, but the funny lady has another knack that never fails to blow us away: finding and featuring child prodigies on her show. Here are a few of our all-time favorites.

Brandon Niederauer
After seeing 7-year-old Brandon Niederauer show off his guitar shredding skills on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, we’re quite convinced this guy could be Jimi Hendrix reincarnated. Have you ever seen a child play guitar like that? Mind blown.

Sophia Grace and Rosie
Singing sensations Sophia Grace and Rosie are nearly household names now, but a few years ago they were just getting started on their road to fame — thanks to one of their performances circulating on the internet. These cute cousins so enamored DeGeneres with their rendition of a Nicki Minaj song that she turned them into red carpet correspondents and has made them regular guests.

Elias Phoenix
Quite possibly the most memorable guest DeGeneres has ever had on her show, 7-year-old piano prodigy Elias Phoenix knocked everyone’s socks off — and that was before he ever sat down for his amazing performance. Chatting to DeGeneres beforehand, it became clear he is just the funniest little ball of energy ever.

Akshat Singh
Hold the phone. 8-year-old Akshat Singh could not tickle us more if he tried. DeGeneres invited the semi-finalist on India’s Got Talent on her show when she caught wind of his exceptional dance moves, which had gone viral on the internet. He’s got the skill, sure, but it’s his confidence and positive attitude that has us grinning from ear-to-ear.

Teeny little Heaven may only be three years old but, well, she’s heaven to watch dance! When her mom — who is a dancer — decided to record a simple video of her daughter practicing with her, she never realized Heaven had so much natural ability. DeGeneres invited the duo to recreate the performance, and let’s just say Heaven stole the show.

Rainer and Atticus
Who says history is dead? History is alive and thriving in the lives of Rainer and Atticus, aka “the presidential experts.” We can’t actually rattle off as much info on our nation’s fine leaders as these clever little redheads can. We particularly appreciate that Atticus favors Martin Van Buren “because of his sideburns.”

Kevin Tellez and Beberly Devers
When 8-year-old Kevin Tellez and 6-year-old Beberly Devers appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to display their world-champion salsa dancing skills, they dazzled us (and, it’s safe to say, the world). Precious doesn’t even come close to describing these two tiny talents, who dance like they’re in fast-forward and who are unbelievably polite.

Alma Deutscher

If 8-year-old music prodigy Alma Deutscher were any cuter or quirkier, we’re not altogether sure we could handle it. As she gushes to DeGeneres about how she loves how everything shines so “brilliantly” in Los Angeles or how yummy popcorn is, we think we might pass out from the sheer adorableness of it. All of that, and she can play the violin like a virtuoso.

Daniel Clarke Bouchard
At 14 years old, Canadian kid Daniel Clarke Bouchard has already played at Carnegie Hall — that’s quite an accomplishment for the young teen, who tells Ellen he’s been playing “officially” since he was 5. Watched how nimbly his fingers alight on the piano keys, you’d never guess he also plays rough-and-tumble hockey.

Jordan McCabe

When we say 12-year-old Jordan McCabe’s got game, we aren’t joking. When DeGeneres welcomed the young basketball prodigy on her show, he floored us with his killer basketball handling skills. We’re 98 percent sure those tricks would end in great bodily harm if we tried them.

Zony and Yony

These twins are great dancers for their age and we’re impressed by their ability to coordinate their moves to mirror each other.

Macey Hensley
This may be one of Ellen’s funniest child guests and it’s fantastic to see her excitement at visiting the Reagan Library. She’d beat us at a Presidential fact quiz any day.


We feel equally impressed with Ryan’s incredible math skills and sense of humor as we feel bad for Andy’s spur-of-the-moment competition with the child genius. We certainly wouldn’t want to be up against someone with a 153 point IQ!

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