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Miley Cyrus’ latest Instagram videos aren’t the most flattering

We know Miley Cyrus has a thing for going without pants; we didn’t know she had a thing for overdone accents, though. Or such a love for the Hollywood sign.

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Aside from her latest fascination with Hollywood, the newest Instagram videos have us questioning the young starlet’s condition.

The series of videos shows Cyrus in only a shirt and her underwear, running around in front of a version of the Hollywood sign and discussing how excited she is in an exaggerated New York accent. She’s also wearing sunglasses and has her hair in a tiny updo, since she’s been styling it in a short pixie as of late.

On the surface, it doesn’t sound too bad. We’ve seen her do much crazier things, after all. (We’re thinking about all the VMAs twerking and naked “Wrecking Ball” swinging here.) But she seems so out of it in all the videos, we’re kind of worried for her.

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Watch the series below and tell us your thoughts.

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We’re hoping Cyrus’ eye is OK. She doesn’t say what happened, but we’re assuming, since the singer posted following this video, that she’s fine.

Cyrus hasn’t been shy about her love of weed lately. She posts pictures of herself smoking the drug on Instagram, after all. It’s very possible the singer was just enjoying one of her favorite pastimes. Or it could be a cry for help.

Do you think Cyrus needs help? Or is she just over-dramatically having fun?

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