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Should Lindsey Vonn really feel intimidated by Gisele? Let’s compare

Lindsey Vonn is an accomplished skier, Tiger Woods’ girlfriend and, often, a fashion model. But Vonn said there is someone out there who completely intimidates her. Vonn is appearing in the new ads for Under Armour — along with supermodel, Gisele Bündchen.

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The skier said when she finally met Gisele, it was quite an experience.

“I was so intimidated. I told her: ‘I don’t really want to stand next to you; you are too pretty. Can you just stand over there?'” Vonn told Elle. “She is really nice. I’ve met her a few times before, and she is just really down to earth.”

But should Vonn feel intimidated? The two women have very different lives, but they also have many things in common.

Lindsey Vonn is dating a successful athlete (Tiger Woods), has her own successful career (skiing) and is drop-dead gorgeous (it doesn’t hurt to have a second career as a model in your back pocket).

Gisele Bündchen is married to a successful athlete (Tom Brady), has her own successful career (supermodel) and is drop-dead gorgeous. Bündchen and Brady also have children together.

So, who wins? Both women win, because they are doing what they enjoy and seem to have the lives they had hoped for. Both were chosen for the Under Armour ads, not just for their beauty, but for what they stand for in the eyes of strong women.

Vonn seems to have realized this, as well, and also that the two have more in common than may meet the eye. She explained, “Gisele is a model but she also has kids and works out. She is just in general a strong person. The campaign is more about the strong will of women and that comes in many different shapes and sizes.”

The Olympic skier had to sit out the 2014 Games because of an injury, but she is now more determined than ever to get back on the slopes and continue to win medals.

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With the Under Armour ads, she hopes to show the world the many different ways to be sexy.

“You don’t have to be super skinny, it’s about being strong and athletic and being yourself. It’s a completely different image than what it used to be, and I love the image now.”

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