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Anna Wintour trolled Kim and Kanye into weird baby name

Kim Kardashian has revealed why she and Kanye West named their daughter North — and we’re pretty sure they must have been getting trolled by the people who convinced them it was a good idea.

We’re used to celebrities giving their kids weird names — Pilot Inspektor, anyone? — but when it turned out the rumors were true and Kimye actually named their baby North West, we were flabbergasted. Turns out they saw the rumors in the tabloids too, and weren’t even considering it until two high-profile friends talked them into it.

Kim Kardashian bares all in GQ spread

“It was a rumor in the press and we’d never really considered it seriously,” Kardashian revealed to British GQ. “But Kanye and I were having lunch… and Pharrell came over to us and said, ‘Oh my God, are you guys really going to call your daughter North? That is the best name.'”

Thanks, Pharrell.

Then the one person Kardashian, who was just named GQ‘s Woman of the Year, wanted to impress more than anyone in the world chimed in too.

“…a little while later Anna Wintour came over and asked the same thing. She told us, ‘North is a genius name.’

“Kanye and I looked at one another and just laughed. I guess at that point it sort of stuck,” she said.

So basically they took the advice of a guy who wears a Smokey Bear hat without irony, and Wintour got in on the act knowing Kardashian would do literally anything to nab the cover of Vogue. And guess what? She did, with Kanye and poor little North West joining her.

The rest is unfortunately named history.

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