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Gisele kicks major butt in this Under Armour ad (VIDEO)

A new marketing campaign for Under Armour is empowering supermodel Gisele Bündchen to take out her frustrations about internet naysayers on a punching bag.

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Earlier this week, Under Armour announced Bündchen as one of the faces of their new ad crusade and the internet spoke. Many felt that Bündchen, who counts kung fu and yoga among her favorite workouts, was a poor choice because she doesn’t fit the traditional definition of an athlete, but Under Armour clearly stands by their choice and used the haters as the driving force behind the campaign.

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Bündchen’s campaign is titled I Will What I Want and “means using your will to tune out the noise and focus on yourself,” according to the Under Armour website. The ad itself features a very fit Bündchen aggressively punching and kicking a punching bag while social media posts are projected on the walls behind her. Some of the posts are positive, saying things like “Good choice” and “Beautiful as always.” However, many reactions to Under Armour’s newest spokesperson were not so nice. Tweets such as “Gisele is just a model,” “Stick to modeling sweetie,” “She’s nothing special at all,” “She’s old,” “Way too skinny” and “Under Armour! WTF?” are flashed behind Bündchen as she boxes.

Bündchen, who is the proud mother of two young children, took to Twitter herself to announce her excitement for the campaign.

The message behind the campaign is powerful and shows that words can hurt, even if you are a supermodel and married to arguably one of the hottest athletes alive. But Under Armour and Bündchen are also saying that when you block out the chatter, be it from social media or other negative forces in your life, you can rise above and conquer anything.

It would also be great if the campaign helped people realize that publicly bashing others, be it celebs or civilians, on social media is hateful and not productive.

Video credit: Under Armour

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