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10 Things you didn’t know about Total Divas‘ Rosa Mendes

As E!’s Total Divas begins Season 3, SheKnows got the chance to chat exclusively with one of the show’s explosive stars. Read on as Rosa Mendes talks about what makes her laugh, what makes her cry and much more.

The show’s “bad girl” is back this season, but the rest of the girls don’t seem all that happy to see her. Mendes may have a reputation for being wild, but she would like everyone to know that she’s got a sensitive side as well.

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1. Talking about “the one” makes her cry

Mendes revealed that the one thing that can bring her to tears, without fail, is talking about looking for that special someone. “I’m looking for my future life partner, so when I talk about the kind of guy that I want, sometimes I get very emotional.”

2. People getting hurt makes her laugh, but she feels bad about it

Mendes admitted that she will laugh when something bad happens to somebody. “Like, if somebody falls on their butt, that will make me laugh.” But it’s not something she very proud of and said that, often, she doesn’t mean for the giggles to come out. In fact, she’ll usually try and check in with the person to make sure they aren’t hurt. “I’ll laugh, but I’m like, ‘Are you OK?'”

3. She believes in ghosts and she’s actually seen one in real life

When we asked Mendes if she believed in ghosts, we weren’t expecting a full-on ghost story, but that’s exactly what we got. Mendes told a tale about checking into a hotel in Alabama very late one night and what happened after the lights went out.

“I’m laying in bed on my stomach and I’m feeling, like, this presence beside me, but there’s nothing there,” Mendes said, adding that it felt like a pet had jumped into the bed with her. The story didn’t stop there, though. Mendes also said that the door to the room flew open while she was getting ready the next morning, despite the fact that it had been locked, bolted and chained.

4. She once embarrassed herself in an airport

When Mendes found out she was going to be a part of Total Divas, she was in an unusual place: an airport restaurant. “It was probably the most embarrassing but awesome experience ever.” Mendes said. “I find out and I start crying and screaming. Tears are streaming down my face.”

Luckily, the other patrons were very nice. When she got off the phone, one of them said, “Whatever it is, I’m very happy for you.”

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5. She shares the same guilty pleasure that most of us do

We asked Mendes what her guilty pleasure was and, after a very brief pause, she replied that it was “probably Facebook.” It’s good to know that even a diva feels the need to check her Facebook feed a million times a day like the rest of us mere mortals.

6. When it comes to her favorite food, she’s got expensive taste

Mendes admitted that it wasn’t easy coming up with a favorite food. “That’s hard, because I love all food.” But after a moment of reflection, she came up with a dish that is not only tasty, but also pricey, as well. It turns out Mendes enjoys a good filet mignon.

7. She loves all animals, even slimy ones

When we asked Mendes whether she was a cat or a dog person, she admitted that she couldn’t choose because, “I love animals. I even like snakes.” That’s what we call a real animal lover.

8. She’s a Scorpio

Mendes told us that she is a Scorpio, which made us take a look at some of the traits associated with her sign. Scorpios are apparently known for being fiercely independent and friendships with them can be complicated. That sounds like it could be pretty accurate.

9. Her celebrity BFF and her celebrity crush are a couple

We asked Mendes who her celebrity BFF was and she admitted that, though she didn’t know her, Sofia Vergara was one of her favorite people. “I love her so much!” Mendes gushed.

Mendes said part of the reason she loves Vergara is because she is in a relationship with Joe Manganiello, who also happens to be Mendes’ celebrity crush. “Oh, my God, they are, like, the most beautiful couple ever,” she said about the pair, adding, “two of my favorite people are a couple and I hope they never break up.”

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10. She may be tough, but she’s also human

We asked Mendes what was the one thing she would like people to know about her that they may not already know and her reply was heartfelt. “I’m a very strong woman, but I also have a sensitive side,” she revealed.

Mendes said that fans will get to see the softer side of her this season. “It’s really important to me that fans see that side of me, because I don’t think they know that side. They’re going to find out a lot about me that they never, ever [thought they would].”

Mendes will apparently face a lot of difficulties this season, as well, which will reveal a lot about her. “I think I’ve had quite a few more challenges than the other Divas, so fans will get to see those challenges, and they’re deep and they’re human and they’re real.”

The third season of Total Divas begins on Sunday, Sept. 7 on E!

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