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Michael Caine reveals the secret to a happy marriage

The The Dark Knight Rises actor Michael Caine has been married to his second wife Shakira Baksh for 42 years already, and the pair are still really happy together. Perhaps that’s because the actor thinks he has found the secret to a happy marriage.

During a recent interview with Esquire magazine, the Oscar-winning star revealed that the secret to wedded bliss is having shared bathrooms!

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When asked what makes a “really successful marriage” the Interstellar actor confessed, “You start with two bathrooms. You never share a bathroom with your wife. Otherwise, you have a little tiny corner with a razor and a toothbrush in it, and you never get in there.”

But in addition to ensuring that you have domestic boundaries to avoid unnecessary arguments, Caine also believes you have to treat each other as equals.

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“And you become equal partners. My wife and I are equal in everything,” Caine said. “There’s no little woman married to the big film star or shit like that. She runs the whole business, and we’re equal partners in it, and she does as much work off screen as I do on it, which is terribly important. And she comes with me everywhere I go, because if you’re on your own, you start having your own friends that the other one doesn’t know. And you start with the parallel lines.”

“And as we all know about parallel lines, that they taught us in geometry, they never meet again. That’s the most important part — you must not lead parallel lives. You’ve got to introduce your wife to everything,” he added.

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Caine also went on to gush about his wife and her beauty — she is a Guyanese-British former fashion model.

“If you spend your entire working day with some of the most beautiful women in the world, you’d better have someone beautiful to go home to. And I do.” Aww!

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