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Proof Meghan Trainor has a great voice and original music (VIDEOS)

Meghan Trainor is sitting pretty near the top of the Billboard charts with her smash single “All About That Bass,” but it looks like the singer might have some legal trouble heading her way. Just last week, the songwriter made headlines when blogs started comparing the similarities between her breakout tune and 2006 K-Pop song “Happy Mode” by a group called Koyote.

All the commotion surrounding Trainor’s song and the Korean Pop bop was brought to the attention of Jon Young Hoon (the songwriter of “Happy Mode”), and it looks like he’s consulted a specialized lawyer about the case. SheKnows admits the two tracks sound pretty similar, but we want to remind folks that Trainor released her share of original material before “All About That Bass” hit it big. Take a listen to some of our favorite tracks from the Massachusetts-born singer below.

“Baby Doll”

One of the most viewed songs uploaded to her YouTube channel is a track called “Baby Doll,” which was co-written with fellow YouTube singer Aly Holland in Nashville, Tennessee, as per the video caption. In the visual, Trainor stands in front of a wall and sends us for a walk down infatuation lane. While playing the ukulele, she showcases some belts, lovely riffs and simplistic lyrics about falling in love. “Walls can always fall/ When you call me baby doll/ You feel so right as you hold me in your arms tonight,” she sings.

“Take Care of Our Solders”

Trainor’s catalog spans topics like proud bodies and falling in love, but she’s also very patriotic. Instead of simply flaunting some American apparel, she took it a step further and created an ode to American troops called “Take Care of Our Soldiers” in 2010. Over a stripped guitar backing, Trainor sings a tale in honor of our soldiers fighting for our freedom and encourages listeners to help keep their spirits high. It’s a fairly simple affair, but an honest and moving effort by Trainor. You might want to grab some tissues for this one.

“Like I’m Going to Lose You”

If you haven’t noticed already, one of Trainor’s strengths is her ability to remain as authentic to her lyrics as possible. When she sings about love, you feel it. When she sings about being proud of her body, you believe it. In her song “Like I’m Going to Lose You,” she sings about the thought of potentially losing her lover and you can most definitely hear it. With her ukulele in tow, Trainor’s rich vocals glide across the instrument’s chords. It’s one of her more difficult songs to sing compared to the aforementioned tracks, but Meghan holds her own, especially with some vocal acrobatics at the end of the song. Do we have a mini Adele in the making?

“All About That Bass” (featuring Jimmy Fallon and The Roots)

“All About That Bass” is Trainor’s current smash hit, but we’re guessing you probably haven’t heard the song like this. In his usual pairing with The Roots and classroom instruments, late-night host Jimmy Fallon teamed up with the singer for a very live cover of the song, and, unlike some renditions, it’s pretty awesome.

Which is your favorite Meghan Trainor song? Tell us in the comments section below.

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