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Is DC’s Supergirl really coming to television?

Coming off the back of success stories like Arrow and Gotham, and banking on the same audience The CW is hoping to nab with the much anticipated The Flash, DC is hoping to bring Supergirl to life, as well.

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We’re already living in the day of the superhero. Comic-spawned movies are bigger than ever, thanks to Marvel Studios, and comic-themed shows continue to pop up and flourish. They’re all led by strong men, though. The closest thing ladies can latch onto is the Black Widow’s small role in the Avengers movies. We want more. And it looks like DC wants to give it to us.

According to Deadline, the next superhero-themed show might very well be centered around a heroine. Want to spend some time with Supergirl? Rumor has it that you’re in luck. According to their writer, things are still in the very early stages. Greg Berlanti, co-creator and EP for both The Flash and Arrow, is at the helm of this project and has apparently pulled in producer, Ali Adler (No Ordinary Life), to help him out.

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Don’t get too excited yet, ladies. The team hasn’t even officially pitched their idea to anyone. Though, they’ll apparently begin shopping for a network within the coming weeks. WBTV and DC did a similar move with Gotham and landed themselves on Fox. The show won’t officially air until later this month. However, in an unprecedented move, earlier this week, Netflix bought the rights to Gotham, ready to release it online just as soon as the first season wraps. Talk about a vote of confidence.

We’re stoked for this news. In recent months, we’ve seen various outlets try to find ways to cater to the ever-growing female comic readership. From turning Thor into a woman (terrible idea), to potentially focusing a movie around one of Spider-man’s female leads (a slightly better idea), everyone seems hard at work to find a way to pull in even more female fans. A Supergirl show seems like the best idea yet.

We’re in. Are you? Tell us in the comments below!

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