INTERVIEW: Glee‘s Max Adler warns about Klaine curveballs in the final season

We talked with Glee actor Max Adler, who confirmed he will be returning for the show’s final season and filled us in on all those pesky Klaine breakup rumors.

For starters, will his character Dave Karofsky break up Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) in the upcoming season?

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“All I can say is that, you know, if Karofsky is dating Blaine — and that’s a big if — I don’t know that he’s responsible for their breakup. That could have happened outside of Karofsky’s doing. Glee has the tendency to throw curveballs at you and, you know, kind of lead you one way and fake you one way and switch to another.”

Adler confirmed that the beginning of the final Season 6 will see a jump in time. Though he couldn’t tell us how long the gap would be, he was sure to say, “They catch you up very quickly. It’s all explained in a very fun way.”

“Karofsky for sure is in the first four episodes and he does interact with Blaine and Kurt in the first episode back. But in what regard or what capacity, you’ll have to tune in otherwise I’ll be killed!”

We did point out, though, that no matter how much time has passed, it seems like it would be kind of a messed up thing for Karofsky to date Blaine, if that is, in fact, the case. After all, Kurt is the one who was there for Karofsky during his coming out in the touching story line of Season 3 when Karofsky almost succeeded in committed suicide.

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“The only thing I can say is I hear you and I guess with Glee or any spoilers or rumors, you just can’t be too quick to judge anything because you just have to see how the story lines play out and things may or may not make sense or clear up as information gets revealed,” Adler cautioned.

The actor continued, “It will certainly be an interesting thing to watch those three characters play out everything that’s happened in their history to what’s happening now.”

“It will be addressed,” Adler promised.

In fact, Adler praised the show for never ceasing to tackle big issues. Though he admitted playing Karofsky has had its challenges, it is also a “dream role” because of the themes he was able to bring to the show. “I just took it very seriously,” he explained, particularly addressing the story line where his character attempts suicide before coming out as gay. “I knew I had a big responsibility to do it justice, so I hope that’s what we did.”

“Whether Karofsky is with Blaine or with Kurt or single, relationships aside, I think the important thing that I would love people to take away from it is that Karofsky is alive,” Adler said of his return to the show. “He made it out of his really dark times. He’s living his life. He’s interacting with people. He’s having adventures. He’s having experiences. And that, beyond all, he could have been dead. He could have succeeded at suicide. Whether he’s with Person A, Person B or not at all, he’s here. He’s in the world, and I think that’s the important thing to take away from it.”

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Aside from Glee, Adler is a busy man! He has quite a few independent films in the pipeline as well as his role on the ABC Family show Switched at Birth. Adler confirmed he will be returning for the next season.

He is also very active with the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

“I host a lot of walks and fundraisers around the country. Actually, coming up in October in Irvine, I’m hosting a big walk there, which I’ve done for the past few years,” Adler told us. He said the walk is called the FSH Walk N’Roll and will be held on Oct. 12. You can visit the website if you’re interested in participating and helping to raise funds for research.

When it comes to the opportunity Adler has had with Glee, the actor is just grateful. “It really opened my eyes to how powerful media can be and what a TV show can really do.”

“It’s a powerful medium that can be used for good or bad,” Adler continued. “Glee chose to use it for good in a very responsible way, and I was lucky to be in the eye of that hurricane.”


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