Nick Cannon goes on Twitter rant, still loves Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon vented with a long list of tweets, referencing his failing marriage and the way the media has reported on it. He also revealed that he will always love his estranged wife Mariah Carey.

In the midst of Cannon’s marriage troubles, the America’s Got Talent host decided to take to Twitter to make his feelings known. In a series of posts, the busy TV personality ranted on how poorly most gossip outlets have referenced his relationship issues to the public.

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“During this challenging time for me and my family it saddens me that the media can be such evil bottom feeders…,” one of the tweets said, followed by, “Because my family & I haven’t been forthcoming with personal information, people are quick to paint negative pictures and spread rumors.”

Cannon added that he would never make a public statement about his marriage, so all those media sites that are reporting he said certain things are plainly just making it up. “So whatever your favorite gossip outlet is reporting has been created within their own imagination…” he said in another tweet.

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Since news spread that Cannon and Carey had been living apart for some time, rumors have been rampant about how bad the state of their relationship is. But, despite the negative reports that have poured in the last couple of weeks, Cannon assured fans that he still loves his wife. He also expressed anger at how so many have slammed Carey with numerous unflattering comments.

“What infuriates me the most is to hear people slander @MariahCarey. I will forever be in debted to her for blessing me with our children…,” Cannon said. “I will always love her unconditionally for this and so much more. @MariahCarey is an amazing Mother and I trust her wholeheartedly…”