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Kim Kardashian is “Woman of the Year”? It’s official, the end is near

Kim Kardashian has just been dubbed “Woman of the Year” by British GQ. This isn’t just a sad day for America and for women — it’s proof that the end is near.

There are so many terrible, depressing things going on in our world right now — beheadings by extremists, racial tensions in the South, the spread of deadly viruses, age-old conflicts in the Middle East. It makes a gal wonder how much longer our societies can function under the constant umbrella of sadness, violence and disregard for human life and one another.

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As if to prove that nothing matters, and nothing is sacred anymore, Kim Kardashian has been named “Woman of the Year” by British GQ. Just let that sink in for a minute. Why, you ask? Is it for Kardashian’s charity work? No. Is it because she tirelessly dedicates her talents for the betterment of mankind? Nope. Is it because she — in any appreciable, measurable way — makes the world a better place? No.

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According to British GQ editor Dylan Jones, Kardashian won because, “She is quite simply one of the most famous women in the world … She’s glamorous, omnipotent and beautiful. She’s properly Coca-Cola famous.”

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If we take a few moments to dissect this, Kardashian is famous for a “leaked” sex tape, for showing off her freakishly large backside every chance she gets, for wearing designer clothes, for marrying one of the most offensive mouths in pop culture — Kanye West — (after two other failed marriages before the age of 30), and for exploiting private family moments on reality television.

There you go, daughters and young women everywhere. The aforementioned are behaviors that we don’t just endorse and embrace, we now celebrate them with titles like “Woman of the Year” — titles that were previously reserved for acts that were meaningful and helped to advance society in a compelling way. Now you need only achieve brand recognition similar to that of Coca-Cola.

Kardashian (who corrected Jones upon accepting the award by reminding him that her last name is “West” — and yes, I’m deliberately not using that name out of spite) celebrated her prestigious award with a nude photo layout. That makes complete sense since we have become a culture that achieves obnoxious wealth and notoriety by offering up our most private moments for mass consumption.

Am I the only woman who is incredibly offended that this woman celebrated this “honor” by taking her clothes off? Shouldn’t women everywhere take issue with our personal value being attached to nudity, which says nothing about intellect, talent or kindness and generosity of spirit?

This is a woman who told her sisters, “As soon as I pop this thing out — as soon as I get in shape — the first thing I want to do is Playboy or some nude shoot. I just wanna walk down the street fully naked. I’m gonna be the sexy, hot mom.” Lucky little North West. Isn’t this what every young mother should aspire to? There’s no mention of, “I want to be the best mom to my new baby that I can” or “I want to parent North in a way that helps her become a productive member of society.” All this narcissistic, vainglorious “Woman of the Year” wants is to be the “sexy, hot mom.”

The silver lining in this cloud is that the end is undeniably upon us. Cash out your retirement accounts and live life like you’re not sure about tomorrow. We can say with certain confidence that if someone like Kim Kardashian is being given “Woman of the Year” honors, life as we know it, or would like to know it, no longer exists.

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