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Jill Scott nude photos posted to Twitter in possible new hack

Singer and actress, Jill Scott, is the latest celebrity to have her private, personal photos made viral.

Scott confirmed the breach on Wednesday, following the hack, that one picture is her, but she says the other, more exposing photo, is not.

After encouraging people to take a closer look at the iPhone used to take the selfie, the actress said she was too disgusted to continue and bid the Twitterverse goodnight.

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It’s unclear, as of now, if this latest photo hack was part of the largest celebrity hack in history, which began Sunday, with celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton among the most talked about. Both ladies have confirmed that the revealing photos are, in fact, them. Representatives for the stars are promising retribution against those who are responsible for posting the photos.

The FBI is investigating and Apple is conducting its own search into the breach. The tech company has already released a statement saying that iCloud and the Find My iPhone app are not to blame for the hack, as some suspected. Instead, Apple says celebrities were most likely targeted individually by discovered username and password information.

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Many sites have already begun to remove the images after an internet backlash in support of the stars who were violated. Still, with all the sharing capabilities of the internet these days, it’s unlikely the photos will ever truly be gone now that they’ve been made public.

If the attack on Scott was a separate incident, it’s possible that copycats are cropping up following the worldwide publicity of the nude celebrity hack being dubbed “The Fappening.”

Officials are saying that it would be very unlikely that the hackers were able to cover their trail enough that they won’t eventually be caught. We can only hope this is true, as our disgust with the internet grows with each new privacy breach report.

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