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Disney takes legal action against Deadmau5’s trademark ears

Deadmau5 came home from his recent European tour to a not-so-pleasant surprise. The EDM superstar learned yesterday that Disney has started a legal process against his well-known mouse ears trademark.

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Upon learning of the action, Deadmau5, real name Joel Thomas Zimmerman, took to Twitter to vent his frustrations and let Disney know he’s ready to go to battle to defend his beloved ears.

The DJ, who was previously romantically linked to Kat Von D, also tweeted comments accusing Disney of belittling his fans, as well as smashing his own dreams.

Additionally, Deadmau5 insinuated that the corporate giant is money hungry. “Im sorry frozen f***ing tanked huge… i really am. but cmon,” he tweeted.

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Dina LaPolt, Deadmau5’s attorney, gave a statement to E! News providing more information about the legal situation. “The deadmau5 front-facing mau5 head is a registered trademark in 30 countries worldwide. In June of last year, deadmau5 applied to register the front-facing mau5 head with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Disney is now opposing the U.S. filing,” LaPolt said. “Given that the mau5head and other identifying deadmau5 trademarks have been used in the U.S. and around the world for almost a decade, we wonder why Disney is only now coming after deadmau5. Our client will not be bullied by Disney and is prepared to fight to protect his rights to his property,” she added.

Earlier this summer, Lindsay Lohan found herself on the opposite side of a similar legal battle. The actress filed a lawsuit in July against the makers of video game, “Grand Theft Auto V,” for using her likeness. In the game, a character with red, wavy hair and wearing aviator sunglasses is seen running and hiding from paparazzi.

In all honesty, we can see where Disney is coming from, being that Deadmau5’s costume does, at least, slightly appear to be in Mickey Mouse’s likeness. But Deadmau5 has been on the electronic music scene for years, so it’s a bid odd that the company would pick this moment to take legal action.

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