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Single mom Connie Britton seeks father figure for her son

Actress Connie Britton admits that single parenting is no cakewalk, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to jump headfirst into a relationship. The star has a refreshingly down-to-earth outlook on how she wants to raise her child.

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“I would love to be doing this with a partner and I want Yoby to have a father figure,” Britton said in a recent interview with Redbook magazine, which she will grace the cover of in an upcoming issue. “But I also know that putting that kind of pressure on myself or on a relationship would be disastrous,” she added. “It’s funny, my married friends tell me all the time, ‘What you have is so much easier.’ When you’re doing it on your own, you don’t have to [argue over] how you’re raising the kids.”

Britton became proud mother to Yoby, whom she adopted from Ethiopia in November of 2011, the same year her hit show, Friday Night Lights, came to an end. “I’m thanking my lucky stars every day,” she said to People of the first moment she held her son. “It was such a wonderful moment of completion. I thought I was going to collapse into a puddle of tears. I was just grinning from ear to ear.”

And although Britton undoubtedly has an extremely hectic schedule (she currently works long hours filming ABC’s Nashville and hinted last year that a Friday Night Lights movie may be in the works), her sentiments on being a Hollywood mom do not echo that of her peer, Gwyneth Paltrow. “Our hours are long, but I would never compare what I do to what anyone else does,” Britton said to Redbook of Paltrow’s claims that her life as an actress and a mother is much harder than a regular working mom. “Everybody’s working hard and doing the best they can… if you’re a mom, there’s that pressure, we all face it. I’m constantly being pulled in different directions. But that’s the thing: Moms are pulled and distracted. I would never say that’s worse for me because I’m an actor. I am actually 100 percent sure all moms feel that way.”

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