PHOTOS: The Little Rascals cast reunites 20 years later and is still absolutely adorable!

Brace yourselves for an “aww!”-filled walk down memory lane. The cast of The Little Rascals has reunited for a once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot and the pictures have us super excited to hurry up and get home already so that we can watch Alfalfa and the gang on our DVD players tonight.

How have 20 years passed since The Little Rascals first graced the big screen? The adorable band of young misfits stole our hearts and imaginations as children and now they’re (sniff) all grown up.

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Thankfully, the creative minds at 22 Vision, a Los Angeles-based production company, knew that getting the gang back together would warm our young hearts and fill us with nostalgic glee. Not only did they take a number of enjoyable cast photos, but they recreated some of the most memorable moments from the film, as well.

Cast reunions have been winning the internet lately. Last week, Jimmy Kimmel surprised audiences with an impromptu Friends reunion and more than a dozen Veronica Mars actors are reuniting for a new online spinoff after the success of this year’s Kickstarter-backed Veronica Mars film.

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We’ve got to admit, though, as cool as those projects are, nothing compares with the adorable picture of grown-up Alfalfa wooing grown-up Darla! You can check out (and squeal over) 22 Vision’s The Little Rascals reunion photos below.


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