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Michelle Obama makes Funny or Die cameo (VIDEO)

First lady Michelle Obama is continuing her campaign for healthy eating in schools by participating in a hilarious Funny or Die spoof of the film, Divergent.

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The video, a faux trailer for a film called Snackpocalypse, features Chloë Grace Moretz as a girl in a dystopian society where people are divided by different factions of junk food.

Moretz begins the story through voiceover as snack wrappers trail in the wind. “After the war, everything changed. They promised us revolution. They brought us revolution per their promise,” Moretz narrates.

“We divided into factions. 1/16ths to be specific. They included the candy club, the pizza pals, the chip chubs, the pop rockers, the mellow mallows, the hufflepuffs. And then, there’s me.”

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While the rest of the population enjoys bingeing on unhealthy foods, Moretz is happily munching on an apple.

That, unfortunately fortunately, means she doesn’t fit in anywhere, because she likes healthy fruits and vegetables. Luckily, that makes her the perfect candidate to save the school when the kids begin turning into junk food zombies after their diet leaves them helpless.

“Are you a trained nurse?” Moretz asks when the woman tells her that it’s a mystery why everyone is getting sick.

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Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey shows up to help Moretz discover her healthy destiny and save the school. All she has to do is get some food out of the only healthy vending machine and feed the kids so they can regain proper nutrition. Sounds easy enough, right? Of course, our heroine runs into some amusing trouble along the way. Vending machines are such a pain, aren’t they?

Cut to Obama hanging out on the couch with a few of her friends.

“Can we just watch Frozen again?” the first lady quips at the end of the video while munching on her bowl of carrots.

Watch the full spoof below.

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