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GIFs: Male stripper fails you won’t see in Magic Mike XXL

The only thing funnier than failed stripper moves is failed stripper moves in GIFs. While we wait for next July (when Magic Mike XXL is scheduled to premiere), we’ll have to occupy our time with these.

We’ve named these disastrous stripper moves so you can identify them and, more importantly, avoid them.

“The Spazz.” This, boys and girls, is why we don’t drink and dance.

bad stripper moves

“Dance til you almost drop.” In this GIF, our hero almost takes a face plant after a very dramatic spin, but he’s a professional, so he makes it look like part of the act. Let’s just say, we’re not “falling” for it.

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bad stripper moves

“I’m out of ideas.” Industry insiders recognize this as “stripper filler.” This is what happens when a male stripper is totally out of ideas — he just starts making s*** up.

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bad stripper moves

“The leprechaun.” This is right about the time that the person who paid for the stripper is thinking, “I want my money back.”

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bad stripper moves

“Can you feel that buddy?”

bad stripper moves

GIF credits: krazetv

(We liked it better when Ace Ventura did it.)

Can you feel that buddy Ace Ventura

GIF credit: Jim Carrey

“We in da club.” This peculiar gyration is typically reserved for the club. It announces, “I have arrived.”

bad stripper moves

GIF credit: The Ad Show

“The stage broke my fall.” It’s all fun and games until some clown decides to do a handstand across the stage and falls — and then it’s hilarious.

bad stripper moves

GIF credit: alottachina

“That’s gonna leave a mark.” Proof that stripping isn’t for amateurs.

bad stripper moves

GIF credit: Eargazms Galore!

“Lights out.” And that’s the show…

bad stripper moves

GIF credit: britt3311

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