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How good is Gotham? So good Netflix already has the rights

Netflix took a huge risk today when it announced that it had already bought the streaming rights to Gotham before one single episode of the new show had even aired.

By all accounts, the gamble should pay off royally as it looks like the new show from Fox could very well be a huge hit. We’ve already made a list of all the reasons why we’re 100 percent on board for Gotham, such as the fact that it will feature a sexy Penguin character and won’t be your typical origin story.

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Fox already showed a lot of confidence in the new series when it premiered the pilot at this year’s Comic-Con event in San Diego. While fans were thrilled to get the chance to see the series a couple months earlier than its premiere date, critics haven’t been as kind. Most of the reviews of the pilot say that it has some promise, but that the series could use a few tweaks as well.

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Fans don’t always follow what critics say and since they are the ones who will be watching the show and paying the bills via advertising, it looks like Netflix has decided to go with fan opinion instead. The new series has the potential to hit across multiple fandoms, including those of the Batman comics and the Batman films, as well as comic book and superhero fans in general.

Netflix seems to be under the impression that Gotham will not only be a hit on Fox, but will also be perfect for streaming. That seems like a logical conclusion given that a comic book-based superhero series full of action and drama is the perfect show for binge-watching. Could it be that Gotham will be a hit on Netflix, even if by some chance it’s not a huge hit on Fox? Netflix has put their money where their mouth is to say that they believe exactly that.

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Gotham premieres on Monday, Sept. 22 at 8/7c on Fox. Will you be watching the pilot or will you wait to stream it on Netflix?

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