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First OUAT, then a new short: What’s next for Disney’s Frozen franchise?

Get ready to dance a jig of joy, Frozen fans. Disney has just announced that a sequel to the hit film is on its way. We’ve got a few ideas of what else they can do to add to the Frozen franchise.

The announcement came during the ABC special The Story of Frozen: Making an Animated Classic, which aired on Tuesday, Sept. 2. The new animated short, Frozen Fever, is set to debut in the spring of 2015 and will bring back everyone’s favorite characters from the movie, including Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf.

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Could Disney be readying fans for more events in the Frozen franchise? Characters from the hit film are already set to make their live-action debut in the ABC hit Once Upon a Time, and they even have a live ice show as part of the famous Disney on Ice spectacular. With everything that’s already been done, it makes one wonder what else Disney has planned for the popular film.

Frozen on Broadway

One thing Disney could do is turn the film in a Broadway-style play and send it out on the road. It could easily be made in such a way that it would appeal to adults as well as children, just like the original film itself. Disney already does little live shows at its parks, but they are mostly for kids. Why not put on a massive production on the level of The Lion King?

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Frozen: Live!

Something else Disney could do is produce a live play to be aired on television. After the smashing success of NBC’s The Sound of Music Live! they are releasing Peter Pan Live! Just think how perfect Frozen would be as a TV live show, especially during the holidays. If they got it ready by the 2015 holidays, it would be a nice follow-up to the short film.

The icy world of Frozen

Another idea would be for Disney to turn Frozen into its own mini amusement park within one of the Disney parks. Think of it like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. They could have fake snow, an ice-skating rink, ships frozen in the harbor, the castle and of course people running around dressed up like Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf.

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With the latest announcement about Frozen Fever, it looks like the movie’s popularity isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Be sure to check out the short film when it premieres in the spring of 2015.

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