Jemaine Clement clears up Flight of the Conchords rumors

Sep 3, 2014 at 2:07 p.m. ET

Jemaine Clement is clearing up the Flight of the Conchords rumors, much to fans' disappointment.

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Turns out, the comedy and music duo is not reuniting for a four-episode stint on HBO as previously assumed.

Despite a recent interview with The Guardian, in which Clement commented that he and Conchords bandmate Bret McKenzie have discussed making a movie musical based on their Flight of the Conchords act, nothing is currently in the works.

Unfortunately, The Guardian piece mentioned Clement was working on a new HBO project, which some readers took to mean Flight of the Conchords was returning for a four-episode special starring Clement and McKenzie, which is not the case.

Flight of the Conchords

Photo credit: HBO

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Flight of the Conchords, which is comprised of Clement and McKenzie, was originally a comedy band that became a BBC radio series and then an HBO series in 2007. The fictional show revolved around the story of the duo as they tried to make it as musicians in New York City. The series ran for two seasons with songs from Clement and McKenzie woven throughout the episodes.

Since the show aired, Flight of the Conchords has gained quite the cult following, and the news of a possible special revival caused a frenzy of excitement from fans who thought the duo was returning.

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Clement cleared things up on Twitter on Tuesday.


Though he admitted he does miss the days of Flight of the Conchords, right now talk of a revival is just talk. Instead, Clement says he is in fact working on an idea with HBO, but not a four-episode Conchords return.


On the upside, perhaps all of the fan excitement over the rumored news will spur some discussions from HBO about actually seeing the series brought back to life.

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