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Adam Levine nails Eddie Vedder with “The Muffin Man” (VIDEO)

Adam Levine joined Jimmy Fallon in an awesome Wheel of Musical Impressions game and did an amazing rendition of “The Muffin Man” as Eddie Vedder.

Levine stopped by The Tonight Show Tuesday, Sept. 2 and joined Fallon in a hilarious and talent-filled singing impersonations game that only proved how far Levine’s expertise really goes.

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“Everyone knows you’re a great singer,” Fallon said. “But a lot of people don’t know that you’re also a very good impressionist. A gifted impressionist.”

And while Levine said he’s “not Jimmy Fallon-style,” he did admit that he can definitely “do some things.”

So, this debuted the new Wheel of Musical Impressions game, which got off to an awesome start with Levine’s contributions. When Levine pressed a button that offered up an artist and a song that were totally random, he landed on Frank Sinatra and “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes.” With The Roots band playing along, Levine belted out the tune in perfect Sinatra style.

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The game got even more interesting when the Maroon 5 front man was presented with “The Muffin Man” as sung by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. His impersonation was dead on, and it was brilliant to hear him croon the funny song in Vedder’s dramatic drawl.

And he didn’t stop there: Levine also nailed a super-convincing rendition of the Sesame Street theme song by Michael Jackson, which was nothing but pure magic. “That was unbelievable!” Fallon said.

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Fallon didn’t do too bad on the wheel himself, with artists like Bob Dylan singing “Rude” and Iggy Azalea singing “Old McDonald Had a Farm.”

If that wasn’t enough Levine for you, he will be performing live with his band on America’s Got Talent on Wednesday night, where he will be trilling his own song, which will be even more awesome.

While you wait, you can check out Levine doing his super impressions in the video below.

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