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Hunt or be hunted: The Walking Dead Season 5 poster is here!

The Walking Dead has released a brand-new poster for Season 5 and it’s got us hot for Rick all over again.

I know that Daryl is pretty much everyone’s favorite guy on TWD and I can agree with that opinion wholeheartedly. Mr. Dixon is a mighty fine, zombie-killing specimen and there’s no denying that. But there are those of us who have been in love with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) since the pilot and the latest poster for the series proves once again why he is the star of the show.

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The poster carries the tagline, “Hunt or be hunted.” It’s very clear from the image that Rick has no plans to be hunted by anyone. Rumors have been flying that the people at Terminus are cannibals, based on a group in the comics known as the “Hunters.” The Walking Dead hasn’t always followed the comic series to the letter, but there are a lot of hints in the Season 5 trailer that point in quite a cannibalistic direction. I mean, did you see the guy sharpening a knife and butchering what looks very much like a human body on a metal table?

If these are the Hunters and if they are after Rick and his group as a food source, you can bet that he won’t let his people be harmed without one heck of a fight. It looks like he and his people are going to make a deal to bring Eugene to Washington in the hopes of curing the walker virus once and for all. Whether or not Eugene can actually make good on his promise is unknown, but if he doesn’t, Rick could have some very angry cannibals on his hands.

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As a hardcore Rick-lover, there is nothing about the preview videos or the new poster that doesn’t look exciting. It’s enough to make a fangirl want to burst at the seams in anticipation of the new season. It’s a good thing there’s only a little over a month to go before it begins.

To find out how the group gets out of their latest predicament, be sure to catch The Walking Dead Season 5 when it premieres on Sunday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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